Licence options



There are two contract options available for parking at the Cube:

  • Rent of a standard fob is £140.00 per month, or
  • Rent of a large vehicle (00) fob is £160.00 per month.

If you wish to apply for one of the above licence options, kindly complete the Car Park Application Form and carefully read the licence terms and conditions. Please download below.

Once you have read and agreed to the licence terms, kindly email the completed car park application form to:

This will then be reviewed by The Cube Team and following successful application, you will be allocated a suitable car park Fob & Number for your specific vehicle.

Once a Fob has been allocated, we will confirm via email our consent for you to proceed with the payment, along with the bank details and payment reference you should use.

Once payment has been received and processed we will book you in for a brief 10 minute induction tour to explain how the car park works. At this point you will also sign your licence and be issued your parking fob.

Kindly note it is essential that you are shown how to use the car park due to its automated nature.


The car park is subject to sizing restrictions, and therefore your vehicle must NOT exceed the minimum or maximum sizes detailed below.

A minimum ground clearance of 10cm (100mm) is required for ALL vehicles. If your vehicle has this clearance as a standard but has been modified this must be considered.